2021.12.06 20:47 Substantial-Ad-5670 TOC VS E-TOC

For people who are qualled for both is it worth going in person?
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2021.12.06 20:47 delgadojj15 Fog Light Bezel 2017

Hello all, recently I have just purchased a subi speed fog light kit. Currently have the base so I don’t have fogs at the moment, but I got the kit for really really cheap. Anyways, I was wondering what thoughts or opinions you guys have on some of the bezels. I’ve been contemplating getting some with the LED strip and I’ve seen some with sequential as well. But sometimes I think it’s not that worth it and just think I should get the regular ones with the fog light cutout. Any opinions or recommendations?
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2021.12.06 20:47 Optimal-Barnacle-753 Updated Payment Counts

Curious-Has anyone received updated payment counts that wasn’t part of the mass emails sent out in October? I haven’t heard of anyone new getting updated counts and it’s been 2 months.
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2021.12.06 20:47 RealCaseyBlack Daemonia Nymphe-Nocturnal Hekate(Ancient Greek Music)

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2021.12.06 20:47 Luxilious Rat cage opinions

Hey guys!
I just finished setting up the cage for the boys and wanted some input for possible additions (hammocks coming soon!) and especially if there is anything in there that looks dangerous for the boys. Hope to hear some recommendations! :)
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2021.12.06 20:47 IllustriousUser01 tessa fowler

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2021.12.06 20:47 AdCrafty5841 These people 🤦‍♂️

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2021.12.06 20:47 CJfan9204 I hate absolutely everything about this character.

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2021.12.06 20:47 GaryPalmerJr Why Satoshi Nakamoto’s Impostor Craig Wright Must Pay $100M In Damages –

Why Satoshi Nakamoto's Impostor Craig Wright Must Pay $100M In Damages
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2021.12.06 20:47 TheKatness My husband and I tried these and nothing happened

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2021.12.06 20:47 Worried-Conflict9268 Blue Isabel marant shacket but Sherpa interior? Saw a girl wearing it in London and could see hers was fluffy inside the collar like a sherpa jacket

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2021.12.06 20:47 UziDuck Why the fuck do these lights stay on even when I turn off my headlights and fog lights? Someone help pls it really annoys me that they are on 24/7 when car runs

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2021.12.06 20:47 Hanafuta My boy Prince and his favorite sitting position

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2021.12.06 20:47 Bendycheesereddit I used both of my saves on kindergartenand took three dollars on both,I also beat the first day on both and now I don't have enough to money to do Cindy's quest to get the flower so I can do nuggets quest so I can do lilly's quest is there anyway I can do their quest without getting rid of buggs??

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2021.12.06 20:47 Femyu-rose Do your parents keep their word? mine dont -.-

so quick context im grounded over some bs and got stuff taken and its been 10 months since may i remind you it was over the littlest thing and ive been trying to get it back by meeting their rediculously stupid standards ever since ive asked idk how many times if i could get my belongings back but ive been Bsed by them changing standards last minute its so annoying and i want them to stop doing this
they promised if i got high grades i would get it back 6 months ago so i did it and they told me it wasnt enough so u can imagine how angry i was when i heard those words
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2021.12.06 20:47 jookco Frank Juelich Death - Dead - Obituary News : We are deeply saddened by the loss of Frank Juelich, who passed away on December 4th in Mankapur, Nagpur, Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.06 20:47 ErikaBrowni [HIRING]IT Admin/Tech Assistant CGNET Services International

Full Job Description CGNET is looking for a motivated, technically oriented person to join its IT support group as a full-time Admin/Tech Assistant. This position is dedicated to supporting the IT Department of a specific client, a philanthropic organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
About the position:
The IT department supports voice, data, video, security and web technologies for approximately 50 employees: e.g., phones, computers, audio visual, building passes, and internet connectivity. The Admin/Tech Assistant is part of a team that includes the IT Director, the Network Engineer, internal partners (Finance, Communications, Evaluation, Events, Facilities, and HR), and external vendors (Shoretel, Verizon, Level3, AT&T, Unified AV, Universal Pro and CGNET).
Starting pay is in the $20-28 per hour range, dependent on experience and/or qualifications. The position has strong growth potential.
Normal activities include administrative support for the IT department, vendor management, initial basic technical support, technical support monitoring & tracking, audio visual support, and end user training. The Admin/Tech Assistant will escalate any complex technical problems to the Network Engineer or IT Director.
Administrative tasks:

Vendor management:
Technical assistance:
A/V support:
Requirements & Qualifications:
CGNET is a privately held, profitable company with its headquarters in Mountain View, California, and people on the ground on four continents. CGNET’s growing business involves providing global IT support to clients in 100 countries, as well as back-office support to our sales force. Our clients are foundations, UN agencies, conservation and relief organizations, as well as other social benefit organizations. From our HQ we monitor and maintain networks and systems around the world. Further information is available at
Job Types: Full-time, Contract
Pay: $20.00 - $28.00 per hour
Work Location: One location
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2021.12.06 20:47 ImA_NormalPerson987 For context, he commented on a meme about Dwayne Johnson in fortnite

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2021.12.06 20:47 Gymrat0321 Written Omega Level Threat and Discordant Sound Raid Guide

Text Based Omega Level Threat and Raid Guide
So, many people are new to the game and/or are returning because of spiderman or the raid. I’ve noticed that because of this, even on the OLT which has been out for a while, people are struggling to figure out what to do. With Power level locked behind the OLT and Raid, the traffic in these missions are high but knowledge is low. This guide is meant to end that once and for all.
Starting here because it's the quickest of the two to break down in detail. The mission is really obvious but there are a few things you want to cover.
You spawn and run through the gate. The first room is a turn and burn. Kill as fast as possible. This has tachyon time rules so watch the 60 second timer in the bottom left corner. Fliers( aka Thor and Iron Man) are usually responsible for getting time. This is a relatively accepted convention since non fliers are usually slow as hell. Also in the mission your health will deplete rapidly. What catches a lot of people off guard is one second your hp bar is full and after 30 seconds you can get 1 hit by a missile. Make sure to disengage and grab health if you need it.
When the first room is clear, you open the door and burn the room with dps again. This will open an elevator. Ride the elevator to the top and when the door opens fly out to the left. Grab time, watch your hp and head towards the marker. Once there, there is a cage holding a captive. The mechanic here is you gotta punch a wall switch then hit the four ranged things on top. This is hella easy if you have a thor. A little trick is to throw your hammer down on top, punch the switch and then shock your hammer with the right trigger. Once it's opened, continue straight ahead. Non fliers gotta wall run to the other side. Once there, you will find 3 more carts. Rinse and repeat the same process. Focus on the carts because if you burn them you can advance immediately without fighting.
Once clear, head straight across a chasm over to where there is an elite team. Multiple adaptoids and an exo await you. Turn and burn these guys as fast as possible. They pack a punch and your health is being sapped so watch yourself. I see a lot of people go down here. Once they are dead you are running again. Completing a big circle, you run back the way you came to find a massive war bot.
Everyone should have defeated one of these before and it doesn’t change. Hit the feet vents, then the head, then the feet and side vents, then the head and finally the feet, top and side vents to kill. Usually fliers clear the top, tanks on the bottom feet. Usually our team keeps one guy free. It's usually me on hawkeye, I focus on ADD(additional enemies) clear and grabbing time from along the edges. See a lot of people go down here too since there are a lot of BS missiles flying around. There is health over by the white building behind the boss, in 4 different containers, so be aware of your health.
Once the war bot dies, you fly to a room and bunker down there while the game loads. Once it's done, you fly out and cut to the right. Fly through the objective where you have to fight at a point. There are usually three waves of enemies awaiting you. Burn them all down, keep your time up and eventually a door will be activated right in front of you. Punch the two wall switches to open it and head back to the original elevator you came up in. Riding it back down you fly through the hall to the Gate Room.
Here in the Gate room, it works just like all those crappy vaults you have done before. One person has to be in the center ring activating the outside platforms. The order number of platforms will be on your hud and on the wall at the north and south areas of the map. If you don’t fly, you need to be in the center. Literally wanted to strangle this hawkeye this morning who wouldn't hold mid while the three fliers went and grabbed the numbers so it kept resetting. If you're a non flier go mid, fliers get the numbers. Once the number sequence is fully activated, EVERYONE and I mean EVERY LIVING SOUL needs to head to center and sit next to the gate. This fills the progress bar for the unlock sequence and it fills faster the more people that are on center. Some enemies spawn on the outsides but unless you attack them first, usually they are glitched and sit on the side, so stop attacking them and stay mid, because if you leave you are slowing down the process. Then after the emp charge that wipes everything, you rinse and repeat two more times with non fliers in the center and fliers getting the numbered points. Once this sequence ends, a cut scene will play and the boss fight begins.
The boss fight is easier than people tend to make it. Sometimes he spawns harder and sometimes he is weaker. Run enough times you will see what I mean. When you first spawn, dodge immediately. He does a one shot charge and can wipe you easily if you don't. After you dodge, burn him with damage and status. Save your heroics off jump. Once you get him to a quarter health or a half depending on what kinda damage you can do, he will split. Each of his splits has a different power. One makes turrets, one does aoe lightning and other does one shot unibeams. All are dangerous. I see too many people hitting on one guy then another trying to find the real body and kill it. I usually advise against this and focus one at a time. Each one will kill you and is as dangerous as the real one, even if killing clones doesn't do much damage. Usually after the split, this is the time to spam some heroics to hit multiple Super Adaptoids with heavy damage. Now be aware that at random increments he will do a raid wipe mechanic. This an unavoidable instant kill, for those who don’t know what raid wipe means. The only way to prevent this is to get into a designated bubble that will save you. Problem with the bubble is that it doesn’t block some glitched damage and you can get knocked out. Try to remain alive and in the bubble. This all there is the boss, it rinse and repeat until you burn him down with damage. There are no gimmicks. The Gimmicks don’t start until the raid.
The Discordant Sound Raid
So this raid is a bitch. It requires communication, team work, tactics and pretty built characters. It says 155 but that's a joke. I've seen 4 exotic characters at champion level 50+ destroyed. Just as general info before the guide, if you don't have a mic, don't bother playing. You’ll be a hindrance to your team. Also if you are dumb and are using builds from Youtube with 0 resilience and 0 resolve, dont bother. Go farm gear because you're gonna be eating dirt so often it won't be fun for you. Lastly, Death is a severe hindrance. Almost as bad as dying in a moba. If you go down, your sector is no longer under control and can sink the entire ship. Do what you have to do to survive. Unlike the OLT, there is no health sap or time orbs to get which is nice but this Raid is still the hardest thing out there. I have attempted 35 raids and only completed 2. Some of this is due to the disconnect issues and other glitches but Also people rage quitting or not having enough damage/survivability. With this general info out of the way, let's get into the raid.
The start has you spawn and run toward an area with enemies. No gimmicks here: Just turn and burn. After the first wave the angry black chicks show up and you fight another wave. After all enemies are dead, they open the way for you to proceed on.
The mini boss room is simple. Just turn and burn the boss. It usually goes in three waves. You’ll damage the boss, it will disappear and spawn adds, then reappear when the adds are dead. Sometimes it will be invisible but you can damage it, sometimes it will be shielded. Be sure to call its location and whether it's shielded to your team. Pour the damage on until it's dead and it will unlock the door in the back. The next room is where the mechanics begin.
This first teamwork room is known as the barrier room. The Barrier room is straight forward but can be difficult. There is a red barrier in the back that builds up claws' sonic energy and will pop a raid wipe of everything IN THE LIGHT. What does this mean? The raid wipe is a red light. Somehow sonic functions like light in the weird physics of the avengers. Suspending reality for a second, you will hear a charge up of energy as the barrier and then the boss charges up the red light that will instantly kill you. The way to be safe from death is to hide behind pillars or walls. Yes, basic tactics from the stone age will save you from sonic/light related destruction. You will see shadows on the ground behind pillars and walls that let you know the light cannot hit that area. If you are in the shadows when the light pops, you will not die. Pretty Simple.
Now that I’ve explained that, it's time to talk about how to clear the room. In the room there are three platforms and a main platform with three computers. 3 teammates need to be on the platforms to activate them from yellow to blue. Once all three platforms are blue, the platforms become purple and the fourth teammate can activate the three computers. Once all three computers are activated, it will generate a force bubble in the middle. Everyone on the platforms will head towards the center and sit in the bubble until the red light pops. You have to complete this three times for the barrier to come down and the room to be complete. Sounds easy right? It can be, it can also be really difficult. Some tips to help clear this section are the following:
Have fliers to the far right, the top spot is the longest to get to from the center. It's also lightly defended, so it's easier to hold. The middle right section is the hardest to hold, due to the extreme adds that attack it. Have your toughest or most powerful individual hold the middle. In the middle computer section, we always have thor do the computers. He just pops warriors' fury so he can't be interrupted and hits them. Essentially drones will shoot on to you, so you need to make sure you won't be interrupted on the computer activation. Last in the left spot, need your second best guy there since the enemies are tough there as well but the middle guy can help clear that area of adds until the computers are activated. Once you activate the bubble three times and the red light destroys the barrier, you are clear in this room to advance on. One note, there is a glitch that sometimes drops the barrier but it doesn't advance the mission. If you try to leave the room it gives you an out of bounds teleport. If this happens, your raid is done and needs to be reset from the beginning. No amount of reload checkpoints fix this game breaking bug.
After you advance and ride the trolley, you reach the center room. Here you see a cutscene with Klaw and he starts by doing a red light raid wipe. Stay in the shadows like I mentioned before and you will be fine. Head up the stairs and to the left. Here is a series of stupid platforms you gotta stand on to get to the other side of the raid. Least that is what was intended here in the Platform room. To be frank it's a waste of time with all that puzzling. Fliers can fly across to the other side of the chasm, and fight the enemies there. Non Fliers stare into the raid wipe and die. After 60 seconds pass you can respawn on the other side of the platforms to where the flier is fighting, help clear the enemies and advance the raid. I am sure people will complain I am not explaining the switches you gotta hit and the platforms you gotta hold but watch a video if you're a purist and wanna do the hard way. The easiest and most acceptable way to do is die and warp to your flier on the other side. Once there, there are four computers you all have to hit at the same time. Do a 3 second count down and hit the buttons, unlocking the elevator for everyone to advance to the Shuri Room.
The Shuri Room is the absolute hardest part of the raid. 90% of rage quits happen here. There is a lot going on so I will do my best to explain in text. Once you enter the room there is a pillar in the middle of the room with Shuri in it. There are two ringed platforms, one on the upper floor and one on the bottom floor behind a wall. These create a ring about two people wide around the pillar. On these circular walkways are 3 pillars that power Shuri’s chamber. Each has a finite amount of HP. There are three on the top ring and three on the bottom. There are also three yellow platforms in front of three doors. Two platforms are on the bottom and one on the top. The doors have 3 big blue symbols on them. One looks like a fish, one looks like 2 arrows pointing down and one looks like a backwards 4. These symbols from here on will be called fish, arrows and 4. Now six shards of corrupted vibranium will spawn and they will start overwhelming the room. Growing out of the six shards is a line of smaller shards that grow a line of what we call ROT in a line. The lines of rot grow from the shard right to the 6 HP pillars. Once they grow up to the pillar and onto it, it will start damaging the pillar's HP. Also ADDS will spawn that attack the hp of the pillars. If you lose even one pillar, the mission will fail and you have to restart.
So what do you do to win the room? Well it's complicated but easy if you know what you are doing. Each character on your time has to complete a role. You will have a bottom ring runner, a top ring runner, a door man and a buff runner. The buff runner absolutely has to be a flier. It damn near impossible for anyone else to run for the buff. The door man has to hold a platform in front of the door and not ever give that ground up. You want someone tough because if they go down and lose control of the door, you have to switch doors, which is wasted time you don't need. The other two are the ring runners. The Bottom Ring runner has it the hardest at first. Your baddest mofo needs to be down here. Even though it's tough, the bottom ring is also the easiest. You have one job and one job only. So the bottom circle of the central has hp zones. You just have to run around in a circle from hp pillar to hp clearing the red vibranium rot and adds that spawn to attack. If you don’t get a handle on this quickly, it's easy to get overwhelmed and either die or give up too much damage to the hp pillars if you are not fast. Staying mobile and clearing the rot is the key. FYI when you punch the rot it sometimes does damage to you, so make sure you're not low life attacking the rot or you can die. Also a small mini boss called the Horn Echo will often spawn. He's got a huge HP pool and massive AOE. Try to avoid him. He also has a mechanic where he will stun lock you until you die or someone else on the team hit him. It has a massive wind up and a red cone in front of him to indicate he's using this move. AVOID AT ALL COSTS or you are dead since everyone else is busy doing their own tasks. So bottom ring runners clear the rot and the adds from the bottom in a circle. One thing to be aware of is that only if there is a shard in the ring can it damage the pillar. I see nubs often try to clear entire lines way away from the bottom circle. This is pointless and will sap more hp of yours attacking it. Just run in your circle and clear the first area of rot, you'll be fine with that. The top runner does essentially the same exact thing as the bottom runner. He runs around the top circular walk away clearing the first shard of rot and adds attacking the hp pillars on the top. The top runner is also kinda the free lance guy, he will be the person to resurrect Bottom or Door if they go down. Try not to go down but sometimes it can't be helped. Top is the freelancer because the door man cant leave and bottom usually has trouble hopping up to the top ring. Now the top runner also helps with the damage phase.
The damage phase in the shuri room is somewhat complicated so bear with me. Essentially Doorman and Buff Runner are a team to get the buff, then door, buff and top players use the buff to clear the shards. Right in the beginning, the door man will run to the Number 4 Door right in front of you on the top ring and open it. Once the platform goes blue, that door will unlock and stay open as long as the door stays fighting there. If the door man dies or leaves, the door will close and you will have to find a different door to open. Four is the best door to use though because the platform is right in the middle of a line of rot, so the door man can help top clear rot by keeping the line of rot down. The four door also has a shot on one hp pillar and can shoot onto to keep it clear of adds. Having someone with high precision, a ranged person on the door is always advised. I usually cover the door with a hawkeye, locking down the control point and one whole pillar to free up the Top runner to clear the other two and revive the bottom if needed. Once the door man opens the door, it opens a room on the outside. This room is an outer circle on the other side of the room. Kinda like a sonic race track, the buff runner has to fly into the room and fly around that outer ring until they find the buff. The Buff looks like an orange glowing triangle. Once the buff runner grabs the buff, it gives him the buff for a minute and a half. The buff runner has 1 and half minutes to fly back out through the open door being held open by the Door man and rally with him. Communicate with your team when the buff is in the room. Essentially the shards you must destroy are shielded unless you have the buff. Top, Door and Buff Runner need to all stand on the door point, keeping the door open and spreading the buff to each other while attacking the large Shards. The first is to the left of door 4. Essentially everyone range attacks the stone, burning its HP. It has a lot, so everyone has to attack it. Meanwhile, while the three are attacking the shard, the Bottom Runner keeps doing his thing. Once the HP of the shard is down, it's not done. The shard has high regen. Extremely high, so you have to keep attacking it. After the 1 and a half timer on the buff runs out, SHURI will shoot an emp out that kills any shard that is zero HP. Sometimes if your team is good, you can have one person keep attacking the hurt shard keeping it at zero while everyone else switches to a different one to lower it. This works if you got good ranged damage dealers who can keep shit low but if you are four 0 precision melee fighters, just stay on the one shard until Shuri wipes it out.
Once Shuri wipes out the shard, the buff will disappear. When the shard disappears, so does the rot, So Essentially the runner's job has become 1/6th of the way easier. Now everyone goes back to their jobs. Top clears the rot that has grown in his absence, doorman keeps holding the door like HODOR, Buff Runner goes back through the door to get the buff again and bottom keeps grinding. You continue this process until all six shards are destroyed and shuri is safe. If you lose any HP pillars you gotta restart. Once the process is complete, Shuri will warp you back to the platform area outside the room and head to the next area.
The next area is the button puzzle. This is a hallway where you gotta hit buttons that open the door while people leapfrog through until you get through the last door. First you go through a door and then drop down. The first button isn't numbered. Once you drop down, in order from how far they are from you is 1 through 8.
To open door A you gotta have someone step on switch 2 and 3. Then you leave the person on switch two while the other two move through a step on button 4 and 5.
2345 is the order for the second door. While 2,4,5 hold the door the person of door three goes through the open door. Once the person on button three is through, he steps on button six. Once he is on button Six, the person on button 5 will fly through and step on button 7.
2467 is the combo for door 3 to open up. Once the third door opens up, the rest of the doors should be open. The person on button 2 flies through heading from button 2 to Button 8. Once button 2 has made it to button 8, the person on button 4 will run through into the room with Button 8. Then button six and 7 will go through. Sometimes the doors glitch. 6 and 7 get trapped. If you do, just step into the raid wipe mechanic and teleport to the other two. Once everyone is through there will be room with enemies. Wipe them out and you will find four more buttons that all have to be hit at the same time to open the elevator. Once you open the elevator. You will head to the forge room.
The Forge Room is easier than the Shuri by far. It's critical to have comms in the forge room though. As you enter the room there is a massive pillar, much larger than the one Shuri was in. It's large enough to get to the top you gotta fly for a second to get there. The whole time you are trying to clear the forge, the Boss will be doing his red light kill shot so make sure to call out raid wipe ahead of time so people can get into the shadows and not die. There are three jobs on the forge. The first is bottom, second is top and two people on the sides. The sides need to be your fliers. It can be done without flying but it's a bitch. The bottom needs to be your toughest guy, the person who can fight in a phone booth(looking at you cap). Top is going to be your second best individual. Here is how you clear the forge.
First, Bottom goes to the yellow platform at the bottom of the pillar. It's yellow when not activated and after standing there for ten seconds, it will activate as blue. Once it's blue it will show a symbol. This symbol is the attack target. The bottom will call out the symbol for the rest of the team. Symbols are as follows: Fish, 4, Arrows, H, and Trident. It's fairly obvious what they look like. Bottom just has to fight on the control point, never surrender it and call out the symbol when it changes. Bottom is easy per se, but it gets swarmed by adds so you gotta be able to survive. Brooklyn brawler for the win lol. Often invisible spiders will do their pull mechanic on you and pull you out of the point. That's fine, you got 5 seconds to get back before it deactivates but you gotta get back ASAP.
Second is Top position. Once you get to the top of the pillar there is a circle section that has mini Pillars on it. Each of the mini pillars will have one of the five symbols on it. Tops job is to hold the top. Adds will spawn. You gotta clear the adds and wait for the bottom to call out a symbol. When Bottom calls out the symbol, you run over to the pillar with the symbol and damage it until it implodes into the floor. Once it goes into the floor, call out to the sides that the symbol has been “POPPED” then go back to clearing adds. Top only has to kill the pillars with the called symbol on it and then engage adds.
Once the pillar is popped, it's the Side positions turn. Popping out of the side of the pillar will be a large pillar with the called symbol on it. This side pillar will have corrupted red vibranium on it. The flyers have to clear this rot off the side pillar. Once the pillar is clear, it will snap back into the pillar and be activated. Word of warning for the Side position. While you're flying around on the side the red light raid wipe will often pop. If your not paying attention you will die instantly, fall out of the sky and land on bottom, fucking the whole raid up when bottom has to surrender the bottom to come get you. Just fly around and hide behind pillars while bottoms and top get the side pillar out. Try to avoid the light.
Once the sides complete the pillar and it activates, this will change the symbol on the bottom. Bottom calls out the symbol, top kills the symbol mini pillar and sides clear the next large pillar. Rinse and repeat this until all five symbols are activated. Once all five are activated the room will be complete and you will be warped to the First Klaw Encounter.
The First Klaw Encounter is the easiest fight of the whole raid. Essentially you will spawn in a room with a radial circle that kinda looks like a wheel in the center. Around the wheel will be BLUE COLORED pillars that pop out of the ground. Essentially all you have to do is fight adds in the circle while the Wizard dude summons power. While fighting in the circle the boss will do his red light raid wipe. You must get behind a BLUE……….I REPEAT BLUE…….Pillar to be safe from the red light. As time passes the Pillars will become corrupted and become red. The red pillars will not save you from death. Once the wizard summons enough power he will begin your damage phase. He will pull Klaws face down onto a platform in front of the circle. Everyone needs to get up to the face and attack his eye. There is a minor platform in front of the eye so you will know where to attack. You attack until 1/3rd of his HP goes. He then snaps back, corrupts some of the blue pillars into red and you go back to clearing adds in the center. After the second damage phase, the Circle you are fighting in will have sections start to glow. If you kill enemies in that glowing area, it will give the wizard more power to start the damage phase. This is nice if you can complete it but not necessary. Once you kill Klaws health bar, the First Encounter is complete and the Second MUCH MUCH MUCH harder encounter starts.
The Second Claw Encounter is really complicated if you don't know what to do but it's easy once you figure it out. Once you open the door to engage the boss, you appear on the side of a cliff. There are three platforms. Middle, left and right. Klaw will go giant size right at the beginning, starting phase 1.
Phase 1: This sucks balls. Essentially he does a straight one shot of 1 of the 3 platforms. The game is bugged and gives no visual indicator of which one he will destroy. So right as he goes giant,the raid leader needs to call out SPLIT… During the split, your team needs to split up. 2 stay mid, one goes left and one goes right. Then Russian roulette will be played and Klaw will one shot one of you. At this time the platform will be blown up and you will instantly die. The rest of the team needs to run to the down teammate and pick him up. That's Phase 1.
After the Klaw invisibile 1 shot, Phase 2 begins. Once Phase 2 begins everyone needs to go to the left or right platforms. Giant Klaw will walk up to the middle platform and punch his Sonic Gun down onto the platform. Once the gun consumes the middle platform, everyone needs to start attacking the Gun. It will start to build his stun meter for phase 3. While attacking the gun he will shoot out these red rings of sonic energy at different levels. They will devastate you if you get hit. Usually if you're standing on the side platform attacking the gun, the first one is at foot level. Usually as raid leader I'll call out jump and you must jump over the red ring. Next one will come out above your head, you wanna stand still and duck under it or drop from the air if you are flying. Lastly he shoots a combination ring at foot level and head level. There is a tiny hole you gotta jump the first ring and drop under the second ring. This is usually the hardest, since you aimed in range attacking the gun. After the combo ring, Phase 2 will end and Phase 3 will begin.
Now in Phase 3, Klaw is going to shrink and come fight you. You're probably thinking it's time to hit him with a god blast. PLEASE DON'T!!! Essentially Klaw is shielded and you cannot damage him. All you can do is stun him. If you look underneath his health bar, there will be a white stun meter bar. You gotta completely fill his stun bar before the next phase. Right as Phase 3 starts he will shrink and appear on a platform. Don’t fight on the side platforms, everyone leaves the side platforms and jumps to the middle. You will need the space to fight him. He is very aggro so he will follow you if everyone goes to the middle platform. Once there, go all out stunning. Use heavy attacks or whatever you have to stun. This is where if you're an idiot and follow the Youtubers 0 intensity build, you're useless. Everyone attacks the boss and builds his stun meter. One important thing to notice is when he goes big. He will go large and stomp his foot. This stomp will send a red high damage ring in a 360 away from him. If you fly, just fly up over it. If you don’t fly, you have to jump over it. He will stomp 4 or 5 times. You gotta time your jumps or your toast. Make sure to call STOMPING if you see the boss starting to stomp. Also sometimes during Phase 3, red portals will spawn. These portals summoned adds. Make sure to call portals and have everyone break off the boss to clear portals. Portals are more important than stunning the boss because the portals summon high level crazy hard enemies. If you fail to clear too many portals, you will get overwhelmed very quickly and the raid will fall apart. The boss will often just putter around if you ignore him and clear portals. Once you fill Klaw’s stun meter, you will start Phase 4.
During Phase 4 you can clearly kill Klaw Right? WRONG! No god blasts yet! Behind the right and left platforms, doors will open leading into a back room. You wanna send your second best player with some survivability back there. Essentially a runner has to run to a room in the back to activate a buff. Once the runner enters the room, call buff! You will now be able to damage Klaw. Until you have the buff, ignore Klaw and focus on clearing portals. Once the runner is in the back room and everyone has the buff, go all out on Klaw. Put as much damage on him as possible. As for the person in the back room, you will be swarmed by adds. The room is Large and you can maneuver around. I sometimes just fly or dodge around to keep the buff up instead of fighting. Also the whole time you're in the room you get poisoned by Vibranium. Essentially a timer starts to build on your character. The more time you have, the more the poison does damage. This is called Vibranium Exposure.Hopefully your damage dealers can damage klaw quickly so you don't take too much damage. It's this part that the raid usually falls apart. If you can't get damage on klaw you leave the runner on an island til he dies and then you can damage klaw. This is usually where it all falls apart. If you keep your portals down and focus damage on klaw you will be fine though. Once about a third of his HP goes down, he will Go Giant again and send you back to phase 1. Then you restart everything the same way.
Remember the following order:
Phase 1: Split the team up on platforms
Phase 2: Head to left and right platforms to avoid the gun and shoot it. Jump/duck red rings.
Phase 3: Stun boss and clear portals
Phase 4: Clear portals until runner gets to back room then DAMAGE Klaw.
After three or four times running through the phases you will finish Klaw off and get that sweet sweet loot. This will complete the raid and get that sweet loot. Leave comments below if you have any new info I don’t have presented here. Stay focused, Communicate and get the raid done Avengers.
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2021.12.06 20:47 micheandbunniesboo Wild Prediction for S3 (spoilers, lightly)

Based on where we saw both Keely and Roy leave their relationship, solid and loving but admittedly in a state of transition and likely with attraction to others (Jamie and Ms. Bowen), could this be the beginning of a polyamorous relationship? Stay with me here now... resulting in Roy and Jamie finding deep understanding, maybe sexuality, together in the throes of that shared experience? I know it's a long shot, but this show has taken me to emotional places I didn't know TV would, and a girl can dream...
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2021.12.06 20:47 abru412 The Outlast Trials platforms

I keep finding different answers on the internet. Is the game coming to console or only PC?
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