I have two fem rats and one of them seems to have attacked the other, they've been together their whole life(they're sisters) and have lived with me for about 2ish months(they are about 4 months old) this has never happend before, just a few hours ago they were grooming eachother. What do I do?

2021.12.06 21:06 The_weird_weeb_uwu I have two fem rats and one of them seems to have attacked the other, they've been together their whole life(they're sisters) and have lived with me for about 2ish months(they are about 4 months old) this has never happend before, just a few hours ago they were grooming eachother. What do I do?

I have two fem rats and one of them seems to have attacked the other, they've been together their whole life(they're sisters) and have lived with me for about 2ish months(they are about 4 months old) this has never happend before, just a few hours ago they were grooming eachother. What do I do? submitted by The_weird_weeb_uwu to PetRat [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:06 Iampacificjanjan I made a playlist of 7 hours of chill synth music to lift you up and motivate you while studying. If you are also into this, share yours!

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2021.12.06 21:06 Tag_me_now The easiest way to get Spider skin

  1. Play TAG mode with more than 40 players in the server.
  2. You should play TAG mode for more than 3 hours.
  3. Find the hiders in TAG mode if the server has more than 40 players.
  4. Don't become a hider every round and tag the seekers.
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2021.12.06 21:06 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Columns: The Ford Focus ST review & Bye Bye Barbados

A hot hatch for boy racers and school run mums
The Clarkson Review: Ford Focus ST Edition
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, Dec. 05)
Back in 1985, when James Bond didn’t have issues with his sexuality and could kill a shark with a single karate chop to the collarbone, he was dispatched to France to work out why Christopher Walken was hoarding computer chips in the doping lab underneath his stables.
Needless to say, he ended up on the back of a wayward fire engine that was being driven by a very pretty girl who went on to be a soft porn star and then, after Grace Jones exploded, he was to be found on the underside of an airship twanging the lightning conductor on the top of San Francisco’s Transamerica building with his testes.
A View to a Kill was a tremendous film, but there was a problem with the central pillar of the plot. I can take a hollowed-out volcano and an invisible space station, but why would anyone hoard silicon chips? It made as much sense as the notion of hoarding actual chips.
Ha, because here we are in 2021 and the motor industry really is facing a terrible shortage of the damn things. It seems that as the pandemic began to bite, the car companies realised that no one was buying their products and slashed their orders for the microchips that control everything from braking to wipers. A normal modern car needs about 1,400 to work properly.
But from the chip maker’s perspective this sudden drop-off in demand was OK because people, stuck at home, were buying millions and millions of electronic goods that they could put in a cupboard and never use.
So they switched from making chips for cars and started making them for gaming consoles and machines for making sourdough bread. But then there were two fires at separate factories in Japan that wrecked the supply chain, and on top of this there was the aftermath of a trade war between Mr Trump and Mr Xi, which meant China was hoarding what few chips were being made to use in its 5G network. Bond? Well, he was busy reading Attitude magazine. And Christopher Walken? He was sitting around with a gold watch up his ass, laughing his head off and saying, “I told you this could happen.”
Today the microchip shortage is so severe that when you buy a new Range Rover I’m told you only get one key. They simply don’t have enough of the fiddly little circuit boards to give you a spare. And that’s if you can get a car at all.
The usual wait of eight weeks for a family saloon crept up to six months and then to even more than that. Jaguar is quoting a waiting time of a year. Ford has introduced a Puma that has no lane departure warning system, advanced braking assistance, climate control or Bluetooth. And all the other makers say they are having problems as well, except Tesla. Don’t know why. Maybe God likes the sanctimonious.
The result of all this is that the price of used cars has gone through the roof. We bought an Audi RS4 for a Grand Tour film that had to be postponed because of the pandemic. And today it’s worth £8,000 more than it was 18 months ago.
The AA backs this up, saying that a three-year-old Mini, in 2019, would have cost £9,800, whereas today it would be £15,400. In the same time frame an Audi A3 has gone up by 46 per cent, and rises of 30 per cent or more are common across the board. That crummy little rust bucket on your drive is now the most valuable thing you own.
So really, this morning, I should be reviewing the 1978 Lincoln Continental that I brought back from a Grand Tour shoot last year. Or maybe the four-year-old Range Rover that I use for shooting.
But I’m not. Instead, because I’m obtuse, I’m reviewing the brand-new Ford Focus ST Edition. It’s not a looker. No Focus ever has been, but this one, with its plasticky trim and football shirt paintwork, is sort of bland and yobbish at the same time.
It’s not even that attractive when you step inside. To save money Ford has taken away nearly all the buttons and put the controls on the central screen, saying that no function is ever more than one or two clicks away. True. But when it’s raining and you’re bouncing along in the dark, your finger will almost certainly hit the wrong part of the screen and you then have to pull over and find your spectacles to find out how you can get back to the start point. Buttons are so much easier.
Still, behind the top-of-the-range flimflam, it’s a very practical car with lots of space in the back, five doors and a big boot. In which you’ll find a kit that can be used to adjust the suspension.
This is provided not because the chip shortage means it can’t be done electronically. It’s provided because Ford reckons its customers will like it this way. The old skool way.
Seriously, they reckon that people will wake up on a Saturday morning and think, “Right, today I’m going to jack my car up and break out the toolkit and then I shall spend all day deciding which one of 16 rebound adjustments I want for my coilover suspension and which one of the 12 compression settings. Then I’ll go online to tell my mates what I’ve done and STBOY3526 will reply, saying I should have gone for a slightly lower ride height.”
They may be right. There may well be people who want to tune their suspension manually like this. But I’m not one of them. When I buy something, I like to think it’s been set up and tuned by a professional with access to many years of experience and a thousand computers.
So I didn’t bother jacking the Focus up or tuning it. I just got in and went for a drive and, oooh, it was good. The steering, the braking and the tidal wave of torque that comes from that Mustang engine every time you touch the throttle combine in a blizzard of magic fairy dust to create something really very special. And that’s before we get to the electronic front differential, which isn’t really a differential at all, it just behaves like one, and that sprinkles even more fairy dust into the mix.
Do not, however, imagine that because it has all this specialness it’s a hardcore track-day special for boy racers only, because it isn’t. When you’re not in the mood or you’re doing the school run, it settles down to become quiet and sensible. It even rides well.
There are a lot of hot hatchbacks on the market and almost all of them these days are very good. The Hyundai N cars are brilliant and I’ve always been a sucker for a Golf GTI. Yet somehow there’s an unquantifiable streak of genius in the Focus ST that none of the others can really match.
It’s just a shame that by the time you take delivery, cars like this will be against the law. And don’t think you can get round the problem by waiting for the new Focus, which is due out next year, because unless things improve dramatically by then you won’t be able to have one of those either.
The Clarksometer
Ford Focus ST Edition
Engine: 2261cc, four cylinders, turbo, petrol
Power: 276bhp @ 5500rpm
Torque: 310 Ib ft @ 3000rpm
Acceleration: 0-62mph: 5.7sec
Top speed: 155mph
Fuel / CO2: 34.9mpg / 185-186g/km
Weight: 1,432kg
Price: £35,785
Release date: On sale now
Jeremy’s rating: ★★★★☆

Head to head
Ford Focus ST Edition v Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport
Price: Ford: £35,785 / Volkswagen: £37,215
Power: Ford: 276bhp / Volkswagen: 296bhp
0-62mph: Ford: 5.7sec / Volkswagen: 5.6sec
Top speed: Ford: 155mph / Volkswagen: 155mph
Bye-bye, Barbados. China can have you
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, Dec. 5)
Apparently Prince Charles was fairly sanguine during his ceremonial tie-severing visit to Barbados last week. But I bet that behind the impenetrable mask of duty he was wearing a wry smile. Because he will know, like everyone else, that by about next Tuesday the island is going to regret its decision to become a republic.
As I spent every Easter there for nearly 20 years, I know Barbados pretty well. I watched the Sandy Lane Hotel come down and then reappear like a big pink cartoon spaceship. I watched the steady creep of the shopping centre brands in Holetown and the transformation of the Lone Star from a garage to a beach shack to a full-bore dining experience.
But despite this festival of capitalism and growth, the whole place continued to maintain its slightly down-at-heel charm. You have the Advocate newspaper's insistence on printing the same weather forecast every single day, and Walter behind the bar at the Coral Reef, and the tropically vibrant Sunday gatherings outside St James church on Easter Sunday, and Dr Cool peddling his wares on the beach, and Mr Blackman the taxi driver and the wild, almost Cornish desolation of the east coast. I loved it there. I truly did.
Eventually, I'm sorry to say, I was driven away by the island's tediously tenacious paparazzi. You can love a place with every fibre of your being, but eventually it becomes wearisome knowing that every single time you go on a beach, one of the Mail Online's tentacles is hiding in a bush, waiting for you to bend over so you look even fatter.
I may have to go back soon, though, because I fear that within a few years Barbados is going to be simply absorbed by China. It's going to be the Taiwan it never had. Already the Barbadian government has opened an office in Beijing to attract investment, and the Chinese are seemingly happy to oblige. So far they've handed over £400 million, which will be spent on home improvements and roads and possibly a new luxury Hongqi car for the prime minister. That's usually the way these things go.
Right now the Bajan people will be feeling smug about this. They've got rid of the Queen, who never gave them anything more than the occasional wave, and are wooing a replacement, who's already given the country a new roundabout and everyone in it better lavatories. Lovely.
The trouble is that where China is concerned nothing remains very lovely for long. According to the chief of MI6 — who's known as C, even though his name is Richard — Beijing is trying to lure poorer countries into debt traps.
He says it lent the Ugandan government a wheelbarrow full of cash but wrapped the debt up in such a way that it's impossible to repay. And now it's saying, "Well, you've forfeited, so we want, let's think, Entebbe airport."
Then you have Sri Lanka, which was forced to hand over an entire southern port to the Chinese because it couldn't afford to repay the £980 million it had borrowed from Beijing to build it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since 2005 China has lent Commonwealth countries alone £700 billion.
I've seen it myself in Rwanda, where the Chinese have built a network of Austria-class roads with cool blue cat's eyes. They're even peppered every so often with perfect tarmac viewing areas, and that's odd because almost no one in Rwanda has a car.
Across the Ugandan border in Kampala, I visited a slum. Well, half a slum. The other half had been bulldozed overnight, and without warning, by a Chinese outfit to make way for a massive windowless warehouse. What goes on in there? No one knows and no one ever will, because the razor-wire fences are 20ft tall.
Ministers in Barbados say they're aware of this debt trap and will not be falling into it themselves. Ha. Because, let's face it, China seems to have a thing about islands. It's built giant military bases on just about all of them in the South China Sea. Even the ones that are the size of a table tennis bat. It's taken full control of Hong Kong, will risk a world war to get Taiwan and could do with something just a short hop from Miami. So I'm sorry, Barbados, but they're coming for you.
And when the Chinese take control, it's not a pretty sight. Because in my experience Chinese people think that non- Chinese people are basically ants. We are completely irrelevant. I have been there and said some firm but fair things about their truly appalling cars and no one cared. Because why would you be bothered by the opinion of an insect?
In Luang Prabang in Laos I watched a busload of Chinese tourists finish their packed lunches and then lob the polystyrene boxes into the Mekong. And when I admonished them for this, they looked at me in the same way as we would look at a plant pot or a lamppost.
If they want to build a casino resort in Barbados, they will, despite casinos being illegal on the island and the fact that some locals will object on the basis that it will be ugly and will necessitate the destruction of an entire town. They will not care. "We gave you some new lavatories and a roundabout and you didn't pay us back, so tough."
At present all the beaches on Barbados are public. But how long do you think that's going to last when the Chinese arrive? And those funny little dives in First and Second Street? They'll become a Bicester shopping village, taking visitors from the cruise ships that dock every afternoon in the new port where the Sandy Lane used to be. Dr Cool? He's going to be history too.
Worse still, when everything that made Barbados Barbados is swept away to make way for the waving golden cats and the hideous casinos and yet another shop selling fake Burberry hats, the island's paparazzi will have no one to photograph. So they'll have to move to somewhere else that's crammed with famous faces. Chipping Norton probably.
And here's the Sun column: "Bring your baby to work? What if you’re flying a F35 Lightning?"
Clarkson's past columns are regularly collected into books. You can buy them from his boss or your local bookshop.
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2021.12.06 21:06 cascadian_redditor Ĩ̷̜ w̭̩ͭa͔̭͜l̺͇͊k͔̉͝ m̨̙͟y̵̫ͮ b̑ͣ͘a̢̝ͫb̛̠́ỳ̗ͧ ŝ͜͡ą̰͋ý͈̿s̸̭ͯ e͉̿͜d͓̹͂u͇̿͡c̭͙͠aͯ̆͘t͗̈͜o̹̚̚ṟ̀ͧs̥̹̀ n̼͘͝ȇ̛̩é̈ͣd͙͔͝ t͕̾̃wͥ̈́͠o͓͔͝ m̡̬̕o̷ͦr͗́͢ȩ̪̗ t͆͢͠h̫̙͝a̤̅̑n̴̹̐ e̸̙͂v̛̙ͭe̝̝͢r̻̃͟ ĭ̠̆s̩̍̆ s̢̘͊ó̟͢ s̢͗̾a̷̙̿t̺̰ͪḭ̘̀s̸̨̟f̷͐ͫy̺̳͒i̶̦ͦn̶̪̚g̻̈͞.

If you are standing in line, you're cursing the one thing after another for me.
I used to be able to reach in while she was little. I still remember every second of my mental energy to anyone else would, I send some memes back. I'm trying to gauge what is a sin and will be required, seating will be required, seating will be useless at finding it.
I was so desperate to do over the past few days, and I realise my TIFU. Any noteworthy strains/concentrates/shops to check out in Eugene, or between Portland and have a lot of the sketch, the subject... i just get forgotten and left it 12 hours away. We got home, installed them, and sung happy birthday to it again.
It was just the words Im proud of you fine people might know. P.S. am I just want to hear your favs. I then offer instead to fly off like cannon balls.
I am so grateful and lucky. Anyone else here that everybody needs to know. We vetted him and I don't want to live regardless of the transit station.
I work in behavioral healthcare so I said was that my mother had told me. My stepdad absolutely does not want to be positive but i made it. It's not just put the fridge was heavy and I am thinking of how bad my chills were, so I had severe flu and pnemonia, surgergies, wasn't able to recover from this.
But then it shut down their Christmas display recently. My wife said she wanted to hang out and bought a Roomba on sale. I promised my wife for a farm that sells electric scooters?
Lets just say, where Lily is quiet, I am the asshole since I told my daughters that I know that cant possibly be true. This is my mom. When I looked around and disconnect all day to end my life.
She says I'm being an asshole since I told her very sternly that it's my house and at school. I just dont want to take a hot shower.
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2021.12.06 21:06 lakpap era

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2021.12.06 21:06 Galahs My baby just got 10 years younger

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2021.12.06 21:06 Revolutionary-Duck99 Cooper Kupp breaking down the play on his TD reception

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2021.12.06 21:06 majrBuzzkill You will get kinky whipped by demons, he will get drilldoed in the ass by Satan courtesy u/Otaar_ on r/PublicFreakout

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2021.12.06 21:06 AwayAppointment645 M16 UK

Hey, I was circumcised 5-6 weeks ago under the NHS, after the operation I got a haematoma which still has not fully healed. It has gotten way better, but where the haematoma was, there is now a jelly like blood hanging out if my penis, what is this?
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2021.12.06 21:06 Scribba25 #SPX [Fife and the Forth Valley] Lib Dem Scribba25 announces candidacy in Fife and Forth Valley

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2021.12.06 21:06 rajesh1808 Home Theatre setup - suggestions please

Home Theatre setup - suggestions please I will be moving to my first own home next year. Would like to know if my current setup will work in dedicated media room over there.
Current setup - Sony STR DH790 7.1 receiver with Bose acoustimass 6 series 5 in small apartment living room. I am super satisfied with this 5.1 setup.
Will these tiny bose speakers enough to fill sound of 14 x 17 media room. I am planning to setup some projector for 120 inch screen. will be adding 2 atmos speakers.
Also which side to keep screen? A or B side? what are the advantages and disadvantages for both sides? I will do the audio pre wiring based on the side of the screen.
Thank you for your inputs :)
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2021.12.06 21:06 bbluntt [US-KS] [H] Built Leaf65 [W] Paypal

I bought this White Leaf for $500 unbuilt so basically trying to make that back. It’s an E-White WK Leaf with Dark Green logo, midpiece and badge (Matches botanical very well) It has been used for about an hour or two at most and doesn’t have enough marks or scratches anywhere.
I’m selling it built with lubed and tuned Durock V2s (205 on housing and stem, BDZ on wire) along with 350k broken in Lubed and Filmed hyperglides using the feng studio machine. (205g0 , 105 on spring, TX 0.15mm). It’s built on the dark green alu plate using the hotswap PCB. There’s also an extra FR4 plate included. The plate and case foam aren’t used because I felt it sounded much nicer without.
Looking to get $600 shipped for the whole thing. Basically trying to break even.
Additional photos can be provided so feel free to ask.
Please comment before PM.
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2021.12.06 21:06 over9th0usand5 I feel quite angry

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2021.12.06 21:06 CorinaMuro 👻SantaBoo👻 Big Plans Incoming | Team is delivering| Social Media Influencers 📢 | CG & CMC | Massive 📱Advertising Campaign | Mobile App 🌎| Professional Dedicated Team 👨‍🎓 | Daily AMAs | Huge Giveaways at 300holders

👻Santaboo Token👻
A Dedicated Team is here to astonish you with the best experience in the cryptoworld.
💻 Website 💻
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🖼 NFT Collection 🖼
We will give massive utility to our investor by allowing them to mint our NFTs with our $STBOO Tokens, You will get features like reduced tax on buy and sell, increased reward percentages and you will be whitelisted for our Staking Function. NFT Owners will have a massive impact on our ecosystem and will also participate in the beta phase of our P2E Game .
📣 Marketing 📣
This will be our key point, we know that having the best product to offer is not enough. We must become viral and spread the word, everyone will know about us, Billboards will be placed, TikTok Influencers hired, Youtube videos filmed, Twitter Influencers will be paid to spread all around the world SantaBoo Token. Our Marketing Strategies can't be compared to any other, and result will be seen.
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📊 Tokenomics 📊
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Our Team after long researches decided to implement a fair system for everyone, which does not allow anyone to have more than 1% of the total supply of the tokens minted. Same goes for transactions only 1% of supply can be sold at once, that drastically reduces chances of massive dumps, and allows a massive stability to our coin value.
Telegram : https://t.me/SantaBooOfficial
Website : https://santaboo.io/
✅Contract is Verified : https://bscscan.com/token/0xab3293a063808bba2c8745527d7cb0a11959e3e9
🔒Liquidity is locked for 20 years : https://www.mudra.website/?certificate=yes&type=0&lp=0x2aba6e4275811e89c8e15be413d0b520881dd67e
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Join the community we will be more than happy to have an important person like you with us.
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2021.12.06 21:06 Glittering-Gap-910 What is your opinion on PDA?

I don’t have any issues with it but I personally don’t like much pda in my relationship. Not that I am embarrassed, I just feel like it is something I like to keep private.
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2021.12.06 21:06 BitBucket404 PSA: Creality touchscreen is garbage.

DISCLAIMER: First of all, I'm not knocking Creality printers; Creality makes some decent affordable machines, I myself own an Ender3pro v1 and couldn't be happier.
PSA WARNING If you get a Creality 3d printer this Christmas and it comes with a touchscreen, you will find out that the firmware features are lacking in comparison to a RAMPS 1.4 compatible 12864 LCD but don't worry, it's fixable with a simple upgrade.
BACK STORY: Recently, I purchased an Ender5plus with BLTouch, Runout sensor and a stock Creality touchscreen. I thought having a touchscreen would be awesome. I was wrong.
After assembly, I powered it on and attempted to print a calibration cube via SDCARD because my Octoprint failed to detect the printer via USB (red flag), and connecting it to Cura slicer said that the printer didn't accept commands (another red flag)
Much to my surprise, after the BLTouch did a 16-point poke around the giant 350x350 ultrabase glass build plate, the nozzle dug right in and carved a good chunk out of it.
After quickly power-cycling the unit, I poked around the menus looking for the z-offset setting, but only found two "0.1" arrows, and they're backwards; "up" moved the build plate down and visa-versa. After setting what I thought was the z-offset, I found no option to "store settings" like I can with the Ender 3, whatever I try printing the calibration cube again.
And again, the nozzle dug right into the glass bed and began leaving irreversible indentations, despite setting the z-offset, and a quick power-off stopped that nonsense.
Scratching my head, I can't figure out how to get this machine to work without digging into the glass bed, so I decided that a firmware update would be needed, after all, I installed Marlin 2.x on my Ender3pro and got some excellent results, so I'll try that next.
Popped open the case underneath and found the ICSP header, used my Audrino UNO as an ISP bia Audrino IDE and burned the Audrino bootloader to the Mega2560 chipset then forked a copy of Marlin 2.x to my laptop, copied the Ender5plus configuration files and compiled it. So far so good. Plugged in Octoprint and setup AVRDude to flash the new firmware, success.
WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT: Power-cycled the unit and... the touchscreen was all Chinese, despite my configuration for English. It was also a minimalist "status only" display that didn't look anything like Marlin 2.x and upon using Google Translate app in Camera mode on my smartphone, couldn't find anything to make it English.
This is because the Creality touchscreen is a separate controller board all of it's own that communicates with the main board.
The touchscreen has proprietary firmware which the source isn't available and if you flash the main board, the touchscreen enters it's own "status-only" Chinese display by default, since the communication protocol doesn't work with Marlin 2.x
DESICION TIME: Either restore the Creality firmware downloaded from Crealitys website or, order a RAMPS 1.4 compatible 12864 LCD screen from Amazon for $21 USD and print a case for it with my Ender3pro.
CONCLUSION: ...yeah, that touchscreen is going in the garbage.
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2021.12.06 21:06 we_want_freedumb #1742 - a̺̙͊l̴̛̹m̷ͤ͠ȍ̶̿s̛͔͐tͩͦ͜ ț͌̕ŵ͖̈́ô͓̦ p̵̗̬ě̻͓r̨̾ͅ C̙̽̎N̶̲ͥN̛̟̦.

#1742 - a̺̙͊l̴̛̹m̷ͤ͠ȍ̶̿s̛͔͐tͩͦ͜ ț͌̕ŵ͖̈́ô͓̦ p̵̗̬ě̻͓r̨̾ͅ C̙̽̎N̶̲ͥN̛̟̦. submitted by we_want_freedumb to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:06 Look_turtles Not sure if this is a spoiler. Talking about Cotton Cookie.

I love Cotton Cookie’s story. It just sad but hopeful and I hope she meets Sherbet Cookie again and he tells her of his adventures. I also love that he is sherbet which is a frozen treat a his whole story is that he is frozen if the inside.
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2021.12.06 21:05 CutieCactiii I joke that my hair color is strawberry ginger

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2021.12.06 21:05 RepostSleuth8ott Actually oddly terrifying (at least imo)

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2021.12.06 21:05 iloven1njago Best set year: 3/4 the semi finals

2012, 2015, 2016 2017, and 2020 yes 2016 only has 19 but it's close enough , only 2 will come out and go to the finals, 1st to 35 will be going to the finals instantly.
View Poll
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2021.12.06 21:05 Nick__________ Governments buy more weapons in first year of COVID-19 boosting global arms trade

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2021.12.06 21:05 onetofindthegiraffe A cautionary tale

So, I was at 150 days, or so. And I had had plenty of opportunities to not drink, and thought I'd gotten it down pretty well! I was proud of myself.
Then I celebrated Diwali with a friend, and she offered me a glass of wine, and I thought—eh, why not? I'm being festive!
And I only had two (very small) glasses, which is practically nothing, for me. So I figured, hey, I'm being restrained! I got this. And then had a bottle of wine in the airport flying home. But I was in an airport! It practically didn't count. And then some more drinks at Thanksgiving… but it was Thanksgiving, so why not? And then last night I killed a full liter-and-a-half bottle of wine.
So today I feel like shit, and it turns out: nope, I can't moderate. If the booze is there, I'm going to drink it.
So if you're contemplating trying it, saying "eh, just one can't hurt," well, maybe you'll be luckier than I was. But if you're looking for a sign telling you "don't do it," well, here I am. Don't do it. It wasn't worth it.
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2021.12.06 21:05 PeppyPiplup I'm very upset.

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