Finally made some progress on my boas 6x3x3 wooden enclosure!

2021.12.06 20:24 Elephant_Front_Fart Finally made some progress on my boas 6x3x3 wooden enclosure!

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2021.12.06 20:24 IAmTheStik Are these white dots pins forming or contam? I've had a fight with trich and this shoebox has a bit of overlaying growth.[Actives]

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2021.12.06 20:24 needaliladvicethanks Is it bad that I don’t want to go in a date with him because he doesn’t know where to take me?

I get it, it is petty…but I just like when a guy knows what he wants, likes to take charge and suggests the first place to go on the first date, especially seeming he was the one to ask me? Now he’s saying “hmm now where should we go?” It’s honestly made me hesitant on going now because I’m sick of having to suggest places for guys when it turns out they really just don’t want to put any thought into the date because they are just hopeful that it will lead to a hookup. Is this bad of me to just assume? Or is it reasonable I just want someone that asks me on a date and organises the bar that we go to? It seems weird that I have to go hunt for a bar when he’s the one that asked me in the first place. I’m happy to do the planning for any other date that I suggest but I’m already a bit iffy about this guy, he tends to say sexual stuff quite a lot which I continue to tell him to slow down. Originally I’ve had a strange feeling with him. I was so drunk from doing a day drinking event with my friends that I think I just didn’t even put two and two together that he may come off a little much for my liking. But I thought I’d just give him the benefit of the doubt. (We have met before at a bar with all my friends and he tried to come home with me, but I caught my friend on the outside and caught an Uber home with my friend instead)
What should I reply to him that suggests I won’t be going on the date unless he figures it out? I don’t want to be rude..
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2021.12.06 20:24 Javierham93 sunset in puerto del Carmen,Spain

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2021.12.06 20:24 Appropriate-Eye5525 She is so hot 🥵

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2021.12.06 20:24 stickdog99 Search Vaccine Adverse Effects Reports on OpenVAERS. You know that nobody at the CDC or FDA is doing it.

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2021.12.06 20:24 SuckTheseDBZ Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

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2021.12.06 20:24 surematu22 fan tricks stadium into thinking game is over

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2021.12.06 20:24 pregnantghettoteeeen routine critique

Goals: pistol squat, muscle up ( final goal is one arm pullup), planche pushup
stats: 28 male weight 190 pounds and 5'10" built chubby body ~22% bodyfat and been training calisthenics 6 months
Past: tried just using a pullup bar, and I could get up to 17 pullups chin to bar down to almost arm lock out ( ~170 degrees) but could never get muscle up. tried using cossack squat to get to pistol and many other bodyweight variation squats but decided just to get gym membership to do weighted calisthenics.
routine: everyday full body workout, consisting of weighted squats 5x8, weighted pullups 5x8, pseudo planche pushup
weighted pullups: currently lifting a 35lbs plate 5x8, usually get to at least 6 reps but go for 8
weighted squats: currently squatting 165lbs 5x8, 99/100 times hit 8 reps, think I should up the weight
pseudo planche pushup: measure from wall to base of hands: currently at 105cm to base of hands 5x8. I put a dumbell between my legs so I dont tip over forward (is this effective or taking away shoulder gains?)
What weight should my excercises achieve before I am able to achieve my goals?
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2021.12.06 20:24 Erased-ass-mind This vide made me laugh

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2021.12.06 20:24 exciter33 Thoughts?

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2021.12.06 20:24 jeepre80 [POSITIVE] for /u/SSS1985 [seller]

Great packing, great price, always an easy transaction
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2021.12.06 20:24 sk3pticc No Bebelo que hacés

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2021.12.06 20:24 TitanfallAddict07 PSA to the people on the sub

Dude I fucking know at least one of you hasn’t showered in 3 Days, go take one right now you smell like shit
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2021.12.06 20:24 Jizzchan If you know what the difference is between a wolf girl and a fox girl then you're probably a furry

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2021.12.06 20:24 modality-for-nothing Brutal BPD breakup and the relentless desire to set the record straight

I am going to try to be as concise as possible with the summary of the relationship, and catastrophic breakup, but trust that many of the details left out for the sake of brevity are consummately brutal:
(M37, F29) The breakup was about a month and a half ago, and total duration was just under 4 years. She is in medicine, so I was with her through the last 2 years of med school, traveled with her to 6 different cities as she completed externships, internships, and finally settled on a staff position at the beginning of August. This was to be our final move after all of the hard years of her not making much (me covering most financial expenditures), her working insanely long hours, moving and traveling non-stop, etc. We had finally made it, and the good times were about to start! She started sleeping with the medical director within 4 weeks of arrival in the new city, finally making a paycheck, while I handled all of the move-in tasks.
Early in the relationship, we had tried a one-sided open relationship (she could be with women, and I would remain monogamous to her). To say it went horrendously would be a disservice to the extreme behavior she exhibited. Prior to embarking on this ill-fated attempt at open-relationship, I read every book there was on the subject, talked endlessly with her about how it should go, what the rules were, etc... but as soon as she was with someone on a date, all agreements went out the window, and she did whatever she wanted (and holy fuck did she do absolutely whatever she wanted)... then lied about all of it for months on end.
We attempted the impossible: to reestablish trust after repeated betrayals, and I trusted her email that "no matter what, you can bet on the fact that I will never treat you that way again." I read every book there was on rebuilding trust, healing betrayal, etc, while she finished medical school. Just before we made the final move to the city where she settled on her staff position, she brought up wedding rings, and how we should use her grandmother's stone and save for a house. I told everyone I knew that I planned to propose to her by the end of the year.
Then suddenly, 6 weeks into the move, when I had just about finished making the apartment homey, she broke up with me, with reasons that seemed to lack substance ("I don't like how you deal with stress" being a main one) and despite all of my pleas to go to therapy to handle stress better - *much of the stress was because I was handling everything from moving, to finances, while working 12 hours a day to make it work through her final years of school, etc*, she said there was "no chance." In addition, she suddenly was acting with complete resentment towards me, palpable contempt. It was all so disorienting.
I asked if there was someone else, and she vehemently denied it. She continued to lie prodigiously as I scrambled to figure out what city I should move to, what to do with all of the furniture I bought, etc. Finally, after 10 days of her gaslighting me ("you never trusted me, of course I'm not sleeping with someone, I'm done trying with you"; "you always thought the worst in me, of course you would think that", "I couldn't even think about being with someone else right now", etc), I looked in her phone, and not only was she sleeping with her boss, they were headed on a road trip to meet the parents while I was still physically in town, scrambling to figure out my next move.
When I finally revealed that I knew what was happening, giving her all of the chances to be honest before the final reveal, begging both her and her best friend... her reaction was of furious anger towards me. I waited in my car for 2 hours at 3 in the morning (she had just gotten off a shift), as she packed to go on a trip to meet her lover's parents, despite the fact that I begged her to be quick. That was the last time I saw her, and she not only stiffed me on money despite the fact that her company gave her relocation costs (I paid for everything), she then blocked me on everything.
The "closure conversation" I received was prior to me finding out she was cheating on me, and I blamed the breakup on myself - after all, if there was no one else, and she knows I would do anything for her, and I was good to her... it must be my fault. To this day, even though she manipulated me into saying it was all my fault, she stands by that truth.
I never got an actual discussion about what transpired, and she is firmly of the belief that apparently sleeping with her boss has nothing to do with the swiftness of the breakup, and everything is my fault. She has gone as far as to accuse me of being "emotionally abusive" during the breakup to multiple people, as I saw in her phone. I have since spoken with 2 therapists about this, showed them all text communications during the breakup, spoke to my ex's, and all agree this is laughable, and bpd projection.
I'm feeling the need to write a letter to explain my feelings, wish her the best, as I'm really not good with leaving things on a horrible note. There's no reason for it. I am on good terms with every person I ever dated. But I know the common wisdom on Reddit is to never send a closure letter, so I'm torn. There's so much left unsaid from my end, because I was never given the chance, unless what was coming out of my mouth was that everything is my fault. I just don't know how to just drop such a significant person like she never existed, and on the worst of possible notes.
I didn't even get an intimate breakup, as I found out she was texting with (triangulating) with the new lover (the medical director) simultaneously as she was breaking up with me. I knew something was awry, but she swore up and down that there was no one else, and it was simply that "I thought you were my person, but you're not."
The hardest part is that she wins across the board: She took a substantial amount of money from me, doesn't have to feel ay of the sadness or loss of a breakup, feels no guilt about how she handled things despite previous promises, gets transcendent sex (as I unfortunately had to see in the phone), gets sympathy from the new lover and coworkers since I'm the big, bad "emotional abuser", gets the perks of dating the medical director (better schedules, preferential treatment, etc)......... and my life is decimated, I have nothing because I left all furniture with her, and I have no idea what to do next.
TL:DR: Person I thought was going to be my wife cheated on me with her boss, lied to me about it incessantly, blamed the breakup on me anyway, and didn't give me a chance to talk about it, nor say "sorry" in any way. I want to write a letter to express my feelings, as I was not given the chance to. I do not care in the slightest that this would make me look "crazy" or something, because they've already labeled me as such to each other, and deemed me an "emotional abuser".
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2021.12.06 20:24 Nateman88 Peak passage of the Palmetto Trail

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2021.12.06 20:24 MotheerDragon Finished art for CrystalCove#1800 on discord. Art by me

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2021.12.06 20:24 -Thatoneweirdnerd- Happy Holidays! :] Also so close to 1 year!

Hello guys, gals, and non-binary pals!
I hope your holidays are going wonderful!, We are so excited that so many artists have joined us this year. It's honestly great to see a starting of a community here.
Also WOOO so close to 400 members! It honestly nuts, we will probably not hit it this year but our hopes are high!
Thank you for staying with us, we are happy to have you all here!
[ also btw if you are struggling with exams don't worry about it, you are doing wonderful.]
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2021.12.06 20:24 tuna-sub74 hello this is my 4th time back after being banned Ãsk me áñythìng u want

before you ask I was banned for hate speech all 4 times not even kidding
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2021.12.06 20:24 TheArtofWax Highly Underrated Album, Band and Label.

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2021.12.06 20:24 moorda OK, I've cleared my cache of cookies

But I don't see how eating 300 oreos is going to make my computer work better
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2021.12.06 20:24 Maniac523 Time travel or mother/daughter?

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2021.12.06 20:24 Tiller_k38 She’s out, should’ve chosen a different truck to grab it though haha, it was tight.

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2021.12.06 20:24 -T6xic- Deathwing/Ravenwing icons on successor?

Hello fellow sons of the Lion,
got myself an early christmas present and bought the Indomitus box off Ebay as a start of my new dark angels force.
Fell in Love with the Consecrators scheme (and it's also easy to paint) but kinda confused about the Iconography at the moment.
I see the successors use the same company markings as their parent chapter, but for the first two companies this is kinda mixed in with their chapter logo since it somewhat functions as both.
So is there a canon source depicting a sucessor marine from one of these companies or stating how this is handled? How did you do it on your chapters?
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