Jason Myles & Pascal Robert speak with Chris Hedges, world-renowned journalist & activist, about the possibility of mass politics in our present moment, and about the hard work of building working-class solidarity.

2022.01.27 10:46 howie2020 Jason Myles & Pascal Robert speak with Chris Hedges, world-renowned journalist & activist, about the possibility of mass politics in our present moment, and about the hard work of building working-class solidarity.

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2022.01.27 10:46 Nutr1a [halp] How to

hey there! So I just jumped into the dockeportainer world using a RPi3 but I am a huge noob. I would like to store images on an external hdd and all the data like torrents, DBs, etc. Can you please help me find a guide, both video or written, to teach me how to do everything?
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2022.01.27 10:46 Commanduf My stepfather got a call from "virgin support", he visited some speedtest page and now his PC is locked.

My stepfather was called by "virgin support" this morning, he visited the virgin speed test page, then another page after that he can't remember, after becoming uncomfortable as to why the person on the other end of the phone was asking about the familys mobile phones he hung up, then later when he checked his computer it was locked like THIS.
When I was looking it trying alt tab, ctrl alt delete etc. for a moment a "virgin support" window popped up, then after about 10 seconds vanished, im guessing they were trying to continue the scam but maybe through the webcam saw it was me and not stepdad at the PC? Since taped the camera.
Hes covered by PC world to get it "fixed" he has his bank details on the PC in his steam account and ebay, what kind of things should he do be safe?
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2022.01.27 10:46 notaweebpromise My drum cover of Attack on Titan: The Final Season OP 2, "The Rumbling"

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2022.01.27 10:46 ZoolShop Study shows how metabolism slows during weight loss, causing diets to fail

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2022.01.27 10:46 featherchaser57 Arthur’s Valentines Day outfit ♥️

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2022.01.27 10:46 byeworld8 I'm cleaning shit up before my first relationship. Please tell me what's wrong and what's okay.

So I'm a 23yo girl, and I'm about to ask a girl (let's call her A) I'm dating to become official. I've seen some posts of people discovering folders of their partners and people in comments screaming "run from them!!". Sometimes I was taken aback because I thought it was not a big deal. So, I can't rely on myself in terms of morality, and it's gonna be my first relationship so I seriously don't know what's acceptable. I'm asking for your help. I need to clean my shit up to be a proper girlfriend and so I have no dirty laundry. I have questions for you, a though on any will be appreciated:
1) can I keep letters I wrote to my ex crush, call her B, (and never sent them)? She was my biggest crush ever, and I learned I was lesbian because of her. She is and will always be one of the key people in my life. I have the letters, writing them was like therapy for me to feel better. I want to keep them because it's part of my story. But maybe I shouldn't? B doesn't know I had a crush on her.
2) again about the ex crush, B. Can I keep a folder with her photos/dialogue screenshots/ pictures of gifts I made for her and random things that remind me of her?
3) there was a girl (C) I was talking to online and sexting and sending nudes to and stuff. Last flirt talk with C was in the beginning of December, 1,5 months after I started seeing A. Should I delete the conversation to destroy any evidence I have of it or it's okay to keep it?
4) can I keep some of my favorite flirty pictures of C (no nudes) and favorite conversation moments?
5) can I keep some of my own nudes I sent to C?
6) I have a folder of photos A sent me of herself, and also again some cute conversation moments. Is it even okay to have this kind of folder? Sometimes when I'm sad I just open the folder and read all these cute things she told me, it makes me smile and feel better. But maybe it's wrong and mental to do it?
7) I still have a bit of feelings for B. But it's not like I'm in love with her. I think she's great and I have tender feelings towards her. I think part of me always will have these feelings. Is it okay to start a relationship with A if I have these feelings towards B?
TLDR: what I can and cannot keep before starting a relationship? Iist above. A thought on even one point will be helpful 😊
A, 25yo - the girl I'm seeing and want to ask her to be my official girlfriend.
B, 27yo - my ex crush, she made me realize I was lesbian and just a key person in my life. She doesn't know I had feelings for her.
C, 24yo - a girl we were sexting with online.
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2022.01.27 10:46 Disastrous_Channel62 Do these websites love giving spoilers or what?

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2022.01.27 10:46 Andre3000RPI Amazon 5000 pt

Amazon is really being unappreciated in the market as it’s not being considered a cloud business. It should be considered a cloud business even tho 10-15% of revenue is their cloud business “AWS” because 60-65% of fcf comes from AWS.
Amazon is projected to grow this business segment 25% for a decade which makes sense because it’s a 2 trillion dollar market where they are likely to keep 50% marketshare and have a 60% margin which comes to 600b alone.
However we have to remember the other businesses are slowing it down so to be conservative we will say it will grow 18% a year for a decade, have a 12% discount rate and deserves a 36x fcf multiple for growing at 18% consistently. We have to keep in mind massive margin expansion is to come from this aws business so 18% is a heck of a low ball
Now here is the math
(40b fcf * 1.1810)(36)/(3.12)
= 2.4 trillion and it’s trading at 1.4 trillion so it’s almost at my margin of saftey price of 1.2 trillion
I consider Amazon a tier one company so if discovery is every trading at the same margin of saftey as Amazon I would switch to being all in Amazon but since discovery offers the much larger discount I am still all in discovery
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2022.01.27 10:46 OfficerSmiles Can we please just get a lich bane vs nashors semiweekly megathread/poll?

So fucking tired of this sub being blown up with the SAME question, with the SAME responses, and the SAME math to back it up. The only time this discussion really needs to be brought up is when either item seems significant changes oe theres a big meta shift. Mods please make a megathread to condense this all into one location
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2022.01.27 10:46 gino58 Free 94 SI choice / team advice.

I made 86 barzal and upgraded him to 87 without realising how many SI cards it takes to upgrade each tier, I assumed it was the same as XF
I could cut my losses and take the free barzal or keep grinding out SI cards to slowly upgrade him If I do the latter, Whitney V chychrun
Right now 16-bit hero francouz is my goalie and he’s brutal. Im thinking of upgrading to 86 leaders helle rather than taking 94 price
Although biz was a beast in rush
https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=eofxlqh6e3&tab=starting I have probably the worst team on here
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2022.01.27 10:46 MeowMe40 ADA Reasonable Accommodation and Home Office Credit

I’m wondering if you have an ADA Reasonable Accommodation and work from home, can you deduct your home office expenses?
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2022.01.27 10:46 nyjrku Can anyone provide data on especially changes to the US economy showing that we don't have meaningful jobs anymore?

I mean, someone working at google or a think tank in DC isn't as impacted, as the coal worker / factory worker / middle management / accountant even of a generation ago that had a guaranteed quality of living (i just mean in terms of they could get a job, keep a job, and afford their life, more than today), whose children now cant afford to pay rent.
i think of it like this pie chart.. the people who have access to different types of jobs where they can afford their life.. the mechanics of 20 years ago vs the mechanics today working for midas helping their boss afford a really nice vacation house while they barely get by.
whose got data on this
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2022.01.27 10:46 Prodialup Does anyone know of Payphones across america?!

If you can’t tell by my post history, I’m obsessed with this relics. And I’m making a map of them.
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2022.01.27 10:46 North-Conference-642 WTF this cats say not touch my ass

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2022.01.27 10:46 billsone2three Winter exercise suggestions?

Hey y’all. This is my Dal’s first winter and it has been brutally cold. Numerous days in a row below 0. Today is currently -6. It seems too cold for walks but I need to get my boy his exercise. Any tips would be great. Thanks.
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2022.01.27 10:46 namajapan Japanese emergency ration crackers about to expire, so the only logical thing is to wolf them down with some tuna-mayo mix

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2022.01.27 10:46 bloodyhunterx300 Spirit's cock can kill the Legion

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2022.01.27 10:46 Tankbean PFAS worry justified

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2022.01.27 10:46 vramavrama Szia Uram! Árstop érdekel?

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2022.01.27 10:46 Fabx_ Linux user mode POV

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2022.01.27 10:46 sulatanzahrain Politicians got mad bcoz there not above the law anymore

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2022.01.27 10:46 dorreguinho ⚡ Weekly @BandProtocol infographic! courtesy of Citadel.one validator node ⚡

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2022.01.27 10:46 jmcyoder Risking my crush

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2022.01.27 10:46 lonelyfatoldsickgirl Best colourist in the city?

Who would you say is the best colourist in the city? I recently had my hair coloured and it came out orange-red. They fixed it by putting on a dark colour so now my normally golden brown hair is pure black. I look like a goth in my mid 40’s. It’s not flattering.
I want to find a colourist who has access to various lines of colours and has years of experience. I don’t care about the price I just want someone really really good. Hopefully this can be fixed!
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