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What is it?

2022.01.27 11:21 Temporary_Pair9276 What is it?

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2022.01.27 11:21 wynhatesu the most relatable book you’ve read?

préférably YA books, anything relatable when you really feel the character is alright though
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2022.01.27 11:21 Vamoelbolso Hear me out, Master Duel should have old formats for old heads like me.

I just downloaded the game, seems pretty cool with the graphics, but I am going to uninstall it, don't understand this link summon, never understood Pendulum.
I know I can just go to Duelingbook and play goat or Edison. But Konami should think about us old folks stuck in time, and give us some options, because the game seems really cool and its a shame a lot of us won't be able to enjoy it.
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2022.01.27 11:21 luxusbuerg Zodiac sus

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2022.01.27 11:21 anthonyg45157 Just set this up last night. 7 gallons. 1 regular carrot, 1 maxi , 3 distribution drippers.

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2022.01.27 11:21 TrainingEmergency165 Organization Lab

Hello All - I need to complete some learning on GCP organizations. Can anyone tell me what comes first? 1. Do I buy the domain through google domains first

  1. Do I create an account first, then buy the domain
  2. Do I do google workspaces first.
This is for a home lab and learning, in particular deploying GCP policies in an organization via Terraform and python
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2022.01.27 11:21 NotAMainDiana Fortnite

Alguém me pode oferecer um pass de batalha no fortnite? Agradeço muito😢🙏, Nick: DiaNaNoMeRcY
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2022.01.27 11:21 Saint_Pudim Problems with deep rock in the ps4 version

I Don't know why but every time I complete a mission game crashes and I don't get the rewards, is anyone experiencing that too or is just me
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2022.01.27 11:21 mert_1616 Guys I found the Jesus Christ, HE IS REAL

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2022.01.27 11:21 delinqueent Name of Penang Hill Indian snack.

ive went to Penang 3 years ago and I had this Indian snack on Penang Hill. It was tangy and savoury. I really, really love it and ive been longing for it ever since. Tried to find the name but cant seem to find it. Anyone if u do know so, please lemme know. Terima kasih in advance😭🙏🏻
(oh I assume it’s Indian snack but if im wrong in any way please dont take any offence🙏🏻)
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2022.01.27 11:21 codingprolab CST Training assignment 10 solved

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2022.01.27 11:21 TowerNo4223 what mount to get plane time lapse

Hello everyone,
I am going on holiday in a couple months and so I am just getting everything ready, what mount could I use to do a time lapse out of the plane window but that will stay up by itself?
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2022.01.27 11:21 itdoesnt_get_better will it ever happen Gor P?

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2022.01.27 11:21 lukasjamesgsch 1989 on sale at sound of vinyl

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2022.01.27 11:21 brrrroni Ice forming on furnace exhaust chimney cap

I moved into a house recently and put a chimney cap on the furnace exhaust due to there not being one. I noticed there is ice forming on the cap - did I put the wrong cap on and how do I go about remedying this? Every house I see has a metal, circular exhaust cap for their furnace, do I need a special cover? Thanks!
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2022.01.27 11:21 Banan4Express What was an event in your life that was bad when it happened, but turned out for the best?

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2022.01.27 11:21 Proof_Responsibility Fox News footage shows mass release of single adult migrants into US

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2022.01.27 11:21 EdenianKitana86 I’m trying to Edit an Apex Clip.

I’ve been trying to edit a clip for about an hour now. The issue I’m having is whenever I add an overlay and trim the video and overlay down the overlay ends up being way delayed from the actual video. So it’s about 30-40 seconds off and I cannot seem to fix it, is there anyway to move the overlay so it lines up correctly? Every time I try to drag the overlay it just extends it again which is not what I want.
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2022.01.27 11:21 Awesome_Mods God Of War PC - Midgard - Photorealistic Mods Part 2

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2022.01.27 11:21 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Tesla delivered a fantastic quarter despite supply-chain issues, says former Tesla sales president ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.27 11:21 Zalinx What do you think about it?

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2022.01.27 11:21 Plootsxd How do I learn french?

I’ve been learning french in school for the past 6 years now. However, I am not content at all with where I’m at. I know nothing. Nothing. I have some grammar rules drilled in my head, but don’t know even the most basic of vocabulary. This spring I’m supposed to take the DELF B1 (which I’ve done practice tests of multiple times and always passed). I know I’ll pass the exam, but realistically my level is not B1. So, I’ve been thinking of completely restarting and learning french from the very beginning. What would be the best way to do that on my own? I know that the best way to learn a language is to live in a country where it’s spoken, but currently that is not an option.
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2022.01.27 11:21 Littleburrito67 Fairy Token 👸 790 Holders 🟨 $311k MC 👀 Bitcoin Rewards 🚀 10 days old 🧡 Read our marketing roadmap 👇

Fairy Token just launched! 👸 from the same team that created the 🧜‍♀️ Mermaid Token (which did 1500x in 3 weeks🚀) have now launched their 2nd token.
Known for the teams steady organic growth, daily holder growth and always being available in the telegram chat. We have 4 big goals on our roadmap....
💥 NFT Staking
💥Hit $1 value per token
💥List on CMC & CG
💥CEX Listing
🤯 3% BTC rewards (Bep20 BTCB)
⭐️ 5% Marketing
🔥 2% Liquidity
💫Recommended buy slippage - 14-16%
👩‍👦‍👦 Total Supply: 1,000,000
Fairy Token Info
📜Contract: 0xf6a342881756c924abcb6e8340813e4068a9181f
🕸 Website: https://fairytoken.org/
🗣Telegram: https://t.me/fairytokenbsc
💰Buy (Pancakeswap) : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xf6a342881756c924abcb6e8340813e4068a9181f
📊Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0xf6A342881756c924aBcb6E8340813e4068a9181F
Marketing Plan
We have set out a marketing plan and roadmap on our website. This is based on real data, conversion rates and not just hype. We are focusing in on a steady upward trend and NOT a pump and dump. Please see below for a brief summary:
🔥Week 1 - We have a pre-arranged list of telegram call groups we will have promos going out to (around 30 for week 1). Also we have a few twitter promos lined up. We also will be trending on all coin voting websites such as coinsniper and watcher Guru. As well as trending on reddit (Obviously😊)
🔥Week 2 - After week 1, we will have a weekly Youtube influencer video every week. We will have promos going out on twitter, social media sites such as 4chan, 9gag and stocktwits. (reward dashboard will go live too)
🔥Week 3 - After week 2, we will begin our PR campaign which will consist of articles on large websites to drive constant traffic to our chart, website and overall brand.
🔥Week 4 - We will begin to apply to CMC & CG as well as listing on other tracking websites. We will also announce our use case.
This isn't your ordinary, team or project. The team have consistently delivered and kept to all their promises. If you are reading this and don't buy.... take note of the current Market cap, holder numbers and keep checking back... I bet you will see the potential in the project.
SAFU, where your funds can grow and earn a passive income in bitcoin. 🧡
Our contract is specially designed to reward holders rather than sellers. It is super efficient and you can earn a good amount of BTC. The reason we chose BTC was that it is stable compared to any other token and has potential to provide our holders with capital gains as well as income.
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2022.01.27 11:21 dubster34 I have a question about sports…

What are y’all’s drive to keep going? I just never quit cuz in youth sports I thought “quitting is for losers,” but now, I’m striving to get better. I’m just curious if anyone else was like me.
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2022.01.27 11:21 IsEneff [serious] Trolls of the internet: do you know when you are being a troll and why?

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